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Turn the world upside down....The Alter-Verse

A world behind the world

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A world of What Ifs and endless possibilities.

This is a universe where nothing is as it should be, lives have been turned upside down. No one is how they should be. Normal doesn't exist. In a world commanded by evil, where goodness is shunned and looked down upon. Around every corner is danger and darkness. But still there are ones that risk life and limb to bring some semblance of good back to their world.

This game is open format and multi-fandom. But we accept only one of each character, no alternates under any circumstances.

In this world there are houses..(Think mafia or go way back and it's a little like the Montagues and the Capulets)..You can align your character with one of these houses or go it alone...not really alone, but you get it.

Selene rules over the The Menedek, a newly forming coven for vampires and werewolves.

Taylor Reese is the head of the Reese Family, a typical mafia organization.

The Hand (Information regarding The Hand can be found at Wikipedia or Marvel Directory) Their leader has yet to be determined.

All characters are wanted and welcome.

**This is an adult community. If you are not 18 do not enter. Adult not only means you are 18, but that you will behave and interact with other players as an adult. There will be no bashing or harassment of any player while OOC. Breaking this rule will result in you and your characters(all of them) being banned.**

**All members MUST join the OOC Community. You MUST make an introduction post before you will be approved to play. Please keep OOC post there! alter_ooc**

The Guidelines

1)This has already been said, but again…this is an ADULT COMMUNITY.

2)NO GOD MODDING! Do not kill, beat, torture or *fill in the blank with act of violence* unless you have discussed this with the characters involved. Please do not speak for other characters.

3)There is a fine line between IC (In Character) and OOC (Out of Character), please do your best to not blur the line.

4)If your character does not post at least once per month they will be removed from the cast list.( If you can’t post or are going to be away for a long period of time please just let one of your friendly mods know.)

5)There will not be multiples of the same character. Even if they are from an alternate world.

6)ALL threads containing violence, sex or adult themes need to be clearly identified. In the title to your thread please label it. ( **NSFW Due to Adult Content**)

7)*IF* You bring a canon character to the game and do not post within your first Two Weeks, your character will be removed. Other people might not be joining because the character they want is already taken. If you add a character please plan on playing them.

8) Being an alter universe community in your OOC post you must give a detailed background story on your character. Again, it can be in your userinfo too, but it HAS to be posted to the OOC board as well.

Last but not least, your mods are here to keep the peace and keep the game functioning. We however are not here to hold your hands. Come to this game prepared to do some creative thinking. No one here will make up the storylines for you. If you can't guide your character and create any story for them this is probably not the place for you.

**This game was the hard work and creation of a group of friends, who like to RP together.WE wanted to make a fun place to bring our characters to have fun. Stealing these ideas, rules and the like is plain and simply bad conduct.**